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What do we do when we find that we are not as successful a leader as we know we could be? Sometimes, no matter how knowledgeable and smart we are as executives, directors and managers, we encounter leadership barriers that require the guidance, approach and tools of a visionary who knows how to bring forth the change we seek. In Becoming a Great Leader, leading Silicon Valley business psychologist and international...

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Dr. Rabin is Founder and Managing Partner of Skyline Group – a leadership development and organizational consulting firm – headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. His practice area focus is on individual leadership development, with an emphasis on coaching executives to …


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  • “Gustavo has woven together personal and inspiring examples on what is required to becoming a great leader. I appreciate his thoughtful and practical examples that can be immediately applied in our fast paced environments – thank you Gustavo for sharing …

    Steven Rice
    EVP of Human Resources, Juniper
  • “If you have decided either for yourself or someone on your team that leadership growth ends early in someone’s career, you are wrong. Gustavo documents proof through very human, relatable stories that with a customized coaching approach growth can happen …

    Marianne Jackson
    Senior VP of HR, Blue Shield
  • “What a refreshing way to focus on leadership—Rather than introduce yet another theoretical model, Dr. Rabin tells us stories about real leaders, grappling with real problems that leaders face, and uncovering real solutions they found to these problems. These case …

    Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar, Ph.D.
    Vice President of Talent Management, Gap
  • “Too often, leaders fail to identify the real problems they face before they embark on executing a solution. Becoming a Great Leader is an elegantly simple playbook that provides techniques and strategies to find the real problem, and then equips …

    Steve Cadigan
    VP of HR, Linkedin
  • “We all hit ceilings in our careers that we need to break through if we want to achieve greater effectiveness and satisfaction as leaders. Gustavo Rabin’s Becoming a Great Leader offers a brilliantly conceived, story-based approach to learning high-level leadership …

    Michelle Gale
    Human Resources Director, Twitter

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